Thursday, March 6, 2014

PDI memcached plugins

I've definitely been neglecting this blog :) but I've recently put a couple of plugins into the PDI marketplace to read and write from memcached instances. I hope this leads to more key/value store support (I'm working on Hazelcast plugins right now) for PDI.

Anyway the Memcached Input/Output plugins allow for the reading and writing of key/value pairs to memcached instances.  The Input step requires incoming key names, and the type of the values that will come out:

The Output step requires and value field names (it interrogates the types from the row metadata):

This is just an initial offering, eventually I'd like to add other features (I'm always open to suggestions for improvement!). But I figured I should get a foot in the door for key/value store support :)  I also have been working on a Map (key/value) type for PDI, that should be out in 5.1 or before if I can get some supporting changes into the 5.0.x code line.

Please feel free to install this from the PDI Marketplace and let me know how it works for you and/or how it could improve :) I only tested this on PDI 5.0, so I'm not sure it will work on PDI 4.x but I don't see any reason it shouldn't.


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